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Important Notice

Members in the east metro may have noticed that UECU had its Woodbury Branch for sale.

On February 28, 2020, UECU closed its current Woodbury Branch at 6789 Upper Afton Road.

Our building recently sold faster than anticipated, and the offer included a quick close date. UECU remains committed to serving members in and around the Washington County community as we continue to look for a new location in the east metro.

To continue serving our members’ financial needs, UECU has a variety of options available. Consider using:

Apple Valley Branch                                 Coon Rapids Branch                                    Minnetonka Branch
14989 Florence Trail                                11599 Robinson Dr NW                               5757 Sanibel Dr, Ste #5
Apple Valley, MN 55124                           Coon Rapids, MN 55433                             Minnetonka, MN 55343


More information, including locators for ATMs and branches, can be found at www.uecu.coop or by calling a Member Service Representative at 651-264-0669.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for future updates as we look for our next great location.

Thank you for your continued support.


FAQs for Woodbury Office Closure


Q.) Why is this branch closing?

A.) The current branch needs some repairs and updates. We have also found that we can serve the membership better with a smaller, more cost-effective branch. When considering updating versus moving, it was determined that a new branch location would be the best solution.


Q.) Where are you planning to move to?

A.) We are currently looking for a new space in the east metro near other destinations (like a shopping center or restaurants) that you may visit regularly. No location has been selected yet.


Q.) Do you have any ideas on exact location? Will it be in Woodbury?

A.) We have not found a location yet, however, we are focused on Washington County for the location. Once we find a new location, we will update members on the opening date.


Q.) When will you be moving?

A.) We will be closing the office permanently on February 28, 2020. Once we find and finalize details on a new location, we will update members through our Web site and other communications.


Q.) How do I find ATMs that are near me?

A.) Visit our Web site to find the locator or simply go to https://www.uecu.coop/atms and be sure to check the box under “SEARCH OPTIONS” for “DEPOSIT-TAKING ATMS” if you need to make a deposit.


Q.) How am I supposed to make a deposit or withdrawal?

A.) Use the ATM Locator on our Web site for a list of ATMs available near this branch. Select the box for “DEPOSIT-TAKING ATMS” to find ones that accept deposits. Additionally, our Mobile App provides you with a Mobile Deposit feature that is quick and easy to use. Ask a representative for assistance if needed.


Q.) Which services can I do through the phone or online banking?

A.) Virtually all services, from opening accounts and applying for loans, can be handled through the phone or internet. Checks can also be deposited with our Mobile Deposit feature within Mobile banking. Unfortunately, cash transactions can not be handled through those channels.


Q.) What if I need a loan?

A.) You can apply online 24 hours a day or call us during regular business hours to apply. The loan officer would be able to discuss various options for closing the loan. You may also visit one of our other branches if preferred.


Q.) How am I supposed to make an in-person transaction, like a deposit or withdrawal?

A.) Our Apple Valley location is the closest one to this branch. It is about 25 minutes from the Woodbury branch. We also have locations in Coon Rapids and in Minnetonka if those are closer to where you live, work or are traveling.


Q.) Is the credit union not doing well?

A.) Your credit union is financially sound and growing!


Q.) It seems like the credit union is making a lot of changes lately, what is really going on?

A.) The way people bank has changed rapidly with recent advancements in technology. To serve our members better, we are investing in new systems and making strategic decisions on our branches to be more convenient and assist with the changes in how members use them.


Q.) The other branches are too far. How can I do my banking?

A.) Most services can be handled through online banking or via phone. Many ATMs accept deposits and you can withdraw money at even more locations. Additionally, many retailers allow for cash back when you use your Debit Card and PIN. We also accept mailed deposits.