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You didn't sign up for college to fret over finances. Make room for learning, and apply for financing to supplement what federal funding doesn't cover.

We'll work with you to figure out a repayment plan, and there's no prepayment penalty. In the meantime, gain peace of mind knowing your job right now is to make good grades for a better future.

  • Supplement federal funding and scholarships
  • Focus on your studies now
  • No origination fee
  • 30-Day No-Fee Return Policy allows you to cancel the loan within 30 days of disbursement without fees or interest
  • Cosigner Release Available for creditworthy borrowers after 24 consecutive on-time principal and interest payments
  • Borrowers must pay $25 toward interest while in school
  • Establish responsible repayment habits
  • Pay down interest accrual
  • No prepayment penalty to pay down debt faster
  • Local processing in Minnesota for better efficiency
  • Personal service from start to finish

Find more information on private student loans by checking out our College Resource Center.