Take a vacation from your loan payment — whenever YOU CHOOSE! As a borrower with United Educators Credit Union, you have the option to skip up to two payments per loan in a 12 month period. If you have more than one loan, you can request to skip a payment for each. Your credit standing with United Educators Credit Union will not be affected and you'll have the extra money you need, when YOU need it!

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How to Get Started

  • Log in to our online banking portal
  • Click on the "skip pay" link under the Credit & Loans menu
  • Select your loan (or loans)
  • Electronically agree to the terms
  • Pay the applicable processing fee

Eligible Loans

Available all year round, members with an eligible loan may choose up to two payments per loan in a 12 month period*.

The following loan types are eligible for skip pay:

  • L3 Furniture and Appliance
  • L4 Unsecured
  • L5 Watercraft
  • L8 Miscellaneous Secured
  • L20 New Vehicle/RV
  • L21 Used Vehicle/RV
  • L22 Recreation Vehicle/Camper Loan
  • L26 Boat/RV
  • L80 New Automobile
  • L81 Used Automobile
  • L82 Misc Secured Loan

Your loan account must be open for at least 60 days and the loan balance less than $50,000. Only primary borrowers are eligible to initiate a skip payment.

Please note if your ACH/Electronic Payment is due within 5 days or less OR if your ACH Electronic Payment has been sent less than 3 days ago, you will have to wait until your next month to skip.

*By participating in the Skip-a-Pay program, the terms and conditions of your loan agreement will apply except that, upon approval, you can choose to skip certain regular monthly payments without penalty during the deferral period set forth above. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment, deferral of your regular or minimum monthly payments may result in having to pay higher total FINANCE CHARGES, and your loan repayment schedule may be extended. (Under some circumstances, your payment may not cover the finance charges (interest) that accrue and "negative amortization" could occur.) Thereafter, you must make your regular monthly or minimum payments. All loan payments must be current to qualify, and may be subject to credit union approval. This offer does not apply to second mortgage loans, home equity lines of credit, credit card accounts, special purpose loans or energy loans. Regular monthly payments will resume the month(s) following any skipped payment.

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