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Welcome to It's a Money Thing!

Increase your financial IQ, one topic at a time! Below you will find fun, short videos that will teach you a little something about various topics. We hope you find these videos helpful for yourself, your children, or your students! Keep in mind, these videos have been enjoyed by ALL ages; however, there are some aimed at the younger age group under “Students.”

Looking for more? Let us know if you’d like any additional materials for any of the topics. We’d be more than happy to send you what we have.

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How did you decide where to open your first bank account? Where did you learn to budget or pay bills? If you have a money question now, what do you do? Who do you turn to?


I'm interested in...

Start with a foundation of financial literacy with basic information about money. Plus, get to know the myths behind credit unions.
Tips for building a savings account for now and
investing for the future.
Everything you need to know about using credit,
including credit scores.
All your questions about borrowing money and
paying it back can be found in this section.

Protect yourself against identity theft by learning about
scams and how to stop identity theft.

Hey kids, teens, and young adults! Get yourself on the
right foot of managing your money now and when you grow up.

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