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MoneyPass ATMs replace AllPoint ATMs for UECU Members

UECU members enjoy convenient access to over 60,000 surcharge-free ATMs throughout the nation. Occasionally, changes in our network impacts the ATMs that you may frequently use. Recently a significant change was made removing AllPoint ATMs and replacing surcharge-free access with MoneyPass ATMs.

We are excited to introduce the new MoneyPass ATM network to you as it adds convenient drive-up ATM locations as well as more deposit-taking ATMs than our previous arrangement. Take a moment to visit our ATM locations or through our Mobile App. It is easy to find the convenient locations for where you live, work, and travel. Not all surcharge-free ATM locations changed, so don’t be surprised if your favorite machine is still surcharge-free!

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Don’t forget - Many retailers allow cashback on your debit card purchase when you select the PIN option at the checkout. This is another convenient way to access your UECU account when on the go!

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