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New UECU Debit Cards Effective July 14!

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your old cards (blue with red apple) will no longer work. On July 14th you must start using the new Debit Cards (shown on this page).

Be sure to update any accounts that use your old debit card for payments (streaming services, Apps, person-to-person payments, store or utilities) to avoid disruption. This conversion does not impact payments that use your checking account number for payments. Only if you set up payments to occur from your old debit card.

We changed the card processing company for our debit cards on July 14, so be sure we have your current phone numbers in our system prior to activation. As part of the transition, you should have received a new UECU Debit Card with a new card number and new design, which replaces your current card.
Mobile Wallets Temporarily Unavailable - We are working with our partners to fix this issue. We will keep you updated.
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Here are important dates and information to make the transition go as smoothly as possible for you:

  • Update Contact Information – When activating your new card, you’ll need to call from the primary phone number that we have on file. Please contact us to be sure we have your current information.
  • Early July – Your new UECU Debit Card(s) will arrive - including Health Savings Account (HSA) and/or Business Debit Cards.
    • Keep an eye on your mail so that you don’t accidentally toss out your new card(s).
    • Although you won’t be able to use the card until July 14, you may activate it at any time.
    • Be sure to set a PIN as your PIN will not carry over from your current card.
    • Continue to use your current debit card through end of day on July 13.
  • July 14th – Begin using your new UECU Debit Card. DO NOT DESTROY your old card until you have successfully completed a transaction with your new card.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your new debit card will come with a new card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code. You will need to select a PIN for the new card, but it can be the one you currently use if you wish. Be sure to update any automatic payments or subscriptions that charge to your current UECU Debit Card (e.g. streaming services, online stores, payment services and Apps that use your card for purchases or regular payments) to avoid disruption of service or payment issues.

Your new UECU Debit Card will be contactless and chip-enhanced for faster payment at stores. And the HSA and Business Debit Cards will now be EMV chip-enhanced for added security.

Along with the new design and enhanced card features, you’ll have greater control of setting alerts and managing your card. When you begin using your new card, be sure to sign up for transaction alerts and add the card to your Mobile Wallet for added security and more control of your money.

We appreciate your membership and are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!


Q: Why am I receiving a new debit card?

A: UECU is changing debit card processors and new card numbers are required as a part of this change. This new relationship will allow UECU to offer you the latest features for transaction alerts, card controls, Mobile Wallets, and payment technologies like contactless cards.


Q: When will my new card arrive?

A: The new card will arrive in early July. Your current card will work through July 13th and then you must begin using the new card on July 14th.


Q: Will my PIN remain the same?

A: No, however you may change your PIN to be the same as your current card if you wish. After you’ve activated the card, you’ll need to call the second phone number on the activation sticker to select the PIN you want to have.


Q: Can I keep my current card number?

A: No. All existing debit cards will have to be issued with a new account number, expiration date and 3-digit code (CVV2).


Q: What are the new features of the card?

A: You’ll now have a contactless debit card, which allows you to tap to pay at many stores. Additionally, you’ll have more control of your card; such as member-enabled features for travel alerts and the ability to freeze & unfreeze your card. Business Debit and HSA Debit Cards will now be EMV chip-enhanced for added security.


Q: How do I activate my new card?

A: Your new card will come with an activation sticker attached that includes instructions. Call the phone number on the sticker from your primary phone number. If we do not have your primary phone number on file, please be sure to call us to update your information.


Q: What if I have issues activating my card?

A: Call us at 651-264-0669 and a representative will assist you.


Q: Will the automatic payments or recurring deductions set up on my current card continue to charge to my new card?

A: No. You will need to update your accounts that use your current debit card for payments (e.g. Apps, online stores, utility billing, streaming services, etc.). The new card comes with a new card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code on the back, so you’ll need to update your billing details.


Q: Can I still use the Mobile Wallet?

A: Yes, however, you will need to add your new card once activated to your Mobile Wallet and remove the old card.


Q: What if I have a credit or refund for a payment on my old card?

A: Your checking account will receive the credit. You will not have to do anything for the credit to deposit to your account.


Q: If I have a UECU Mastercard Credit Card will that be replaced this summer?

A: No. At this time, only UECU Debit Cards are being reissued due to the change in vendor. The UECU Credit Cards will be replaced in summer 2022. More details will be sent to credit card accountholders next summer.


Q: Will my direct deposit of my paycheck be impacted?

A: No. Direct deposit of a paycheck, Social Security Income, or retirement funds are sent via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and not through your Debit Card. Similarly, if you have an automatic payment for a bill or transfer to another account that is set up to come from your savings or checking account versus using the Debit Card number then those payments will continue without any changes or updates required. Only payments that are initiated using your old Debit Card (e.g. PayPal, streaming services like Hulu, or apps like Amazon) will need to be updated with your new Debit Card number.