United Educators Credit Union’s enhanced Online Banking upgrade is here! The new system will deliver the latest in smart technology to simplify, speed up and centralize your financial management tasks for convenient one-stop, non-stop access. 

Logging into your accounts using the new system will be slightly different the first time. Please use the guide below to assist you with the enrollment process.

PLEASE NOTE: UECU Representatives will not be making outbound calls for the conversion. If you receive a phone call about the Online Banking Conversion from someone representing UECU, please hang up and call the credit union’s main number to speak with a representative.

Enrollment Steps

Follow these simple steps the first time you use UECU’s new Online Banking system.

NOTE: To enroll in UECU’s Online Banking, you will need to register using the Desktop Version on a PC or Mac before you can use the Mobile App or mobile version.

Step 1: Enter your Member Number as the Username and your full 9-digit Social Security Number with no dashes (for example: 123456789) as your Password. Organization accounts are to enter their TIN with no dashes.

Step 2: Accept the “Terms & Conditions”, pick a new “Username” (cannot be your member number) and a new “Password”.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the next screen to receive and enter your one-time verification code and complete your registration process.

NOTE: If you edit your contact information to update or add a phone or email address during registration, you will be required to call the credit union during office hours. This additional layer of verification is required to help protect your accounts from unauthorized access.

That’s it! You will receive a confirmation that the Username and Password were successfully registered and you may now begin using the new Online Banking system.

Known Issues (as of 1:00 PM on 6/23/17)
  1. External Transfers results in session timeout
      1. Status: Work in Progress
      2. Issue: Currently the External Transfers services results in a session timeout
      3. Workaround: Logoff of Online Banking, then log back on
      4. Notes: Please check back to learn when you can use the External Transfer service
  2. Debit Card pending transactions are displaying as credits
      1. Status: RESOLVED
      2. Issue: Within transaction history, debit card transactions were showing as credits
      3. Workaround: This issue has been resolved
  3. Technical Difficulty Error when registering for Online Banking
      1. Status: Work in Progress
      2. Issue: A Technical Difficulty Error results when you’re trying to register for Online Banking
      3. Workaround: Please call the credit union for assistance OR login with your member number and SSN. When prompted for a username, choose a different username than what you originally used when your first attempted to register
      4. Notes: Please check back to learn when this issue is resolved
  4. Popmoney on Mobile App
      1. Status: Work in Progress
      2. Issue: Pop money is not appearing on Mobile App
      3. Workaround: None
      4. Notes: Please check back to learn when this issue is resolved
  5. Transfer to Another Member feature requiring all capital letters for suffix and name
      1. Status: Work in Progress
      2. Issue: Currently the Transfer to Another Member feature results in an “Unable to add the recipient” error
      3. Workaround: Be sure to use all capital letters when entering the first 3 characters of last name and the account suffix
      4. Notes: Please check back to learn when our programmers have made the text default to all caps when entered
Additional Resources:

If you have any questions or issues getting enrolled, please call us at 651-264-0669 (or 800-229-2848 if outside the Twin Cities metro) and a representative will assist you.

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Once you have enrolled using the new system be sure to download our new Mobile App at your App store! 
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