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Credit Card Comparison Calculator



This calculator will help you to compare the long-term costs of credit cards that have varying interest rates, annual fees, introductory rates and compounding intervals. Simply enter a balance amount, a payment amount, and the terms for each card, then click the "Compute" button. Please note that fixed payments (the same amount for all payments) are used to compare the costs of the cards, so if you ever pay less than the entered payment amount, your actual costs will vary from the results of this calculator.


Enter a balance amount to use in the card comparison:


Enter a monthly payment amount:
(Must be greater than monthly interest charge)



Card #1

Card #2


Annual fee (optional):


Enter introductory annual interest rate (optional):


Term of introductory rate (# months - optional):


Enter the regular annual interest rate:


Enter the compounding period:


# of payments till paid off:


Total costs:


Note: This calculator is intended to provide approximate information about your loan payments and does not constitute an offer to extend credit. Your actual payment information may vary.

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