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March 2013

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IRS Imposters Among the "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams

Here's the bad news about any unexpected good news you receive in an e-mail from the Internal Revenue Service: It's probably bogus. For example, the IRS will not contact you via e-mail, out of the blue, about a refund you didn't know you had coming. But, yet, people fall for this scam again and again. Some have received e-mails--with convincing IRS logos--that display a refund amount and a link you must click on to get the refund.

The link leads to a mock-IRS Web page form that requires financial information, such as a Social Security and bank account number, user ID, password, mother's maiden name, and the like. Victims enter this information, press "submit," and Presto! Another identity thief now has the means to make a bank balance disappear.

The bogus IRS e-mail is an example of "phishing," which can lead to identity theft. It occurs when scammers use an authentic-looking e-mail to trick recipients into supplying personal financial data.

Don't take the bait-it's expensive

Although phishing accounts for only a fraction of the Internet fraud committed each year, its sting goes deep.

We offer a few clues that an e-mail may be from an IRS imposter:

* Tortured English: Most phishing e-mails traced by the IRS originate outside the United States. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes or unusual words and sentence structures.

* No forewarning: The IRS does not make initial contact with taxpayers via e-mail. Agents do correspond via e-mail, such as during some audit situations, but that doesn't happen unless you give provide them with your e-mail address first.

* Your gut reaction: If it sounds too good to be true-it probably is.

Phishers exploit charity donors

Phishers also may pose as charitable organizations. Finding a list of a charity's donors isn't difficult, and criminals use the organization's identity to go phishing.

For example, they send e-mails telling donors that the charity has calculated the tax-deductible amount of their donations. Donors are asked to supply Social Security numbers or other personal data to retrieve the documentation they'll need to claim the tax deductions.

Don't guess-ask the experts

The best thing to do if you're unsure whether an e-mail regarding taxes is legitimate is to check at irs.gov, call your local IRS office, or forward the email to phishing@irs.gov. Not only can you find the truth there-you may alert the IRS to a criminal who can be shut down before scamming another victim.

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Did You Know?

Don't fret over tax season, UECU is here to help! We've collected resources for you to make it easy. Click here for our tax resource center.

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Are you going to be shopping at the spring auto, boat and RV shows coming up? Don't forget to get pre-approved before you go!

Click here to apply for a loan today!

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eStatement Enrollment Incentive

Haven't signed up for eStatments yet? Enroll today and put some 'green' in your pocket! That's right - you will automatically receive $5 in your S1 Savings account when you complete the enrollment process. eStatements are a safe, convenient and environmentally friendly way to bank green.

To sign up for eStatements, simply click here to login into Solutions@HOME and click on the 'E-Statements' tab. To view eStatements, you must have a login for Solutions@HOME, enroll here.

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Save the Date for the Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for UECU's 55th Annual Meeting scheduled for Monday, April 29th at the Holiday Inn, St. Paul East. Registration and refreshments start at 6:30 pm, business meeting starts at 7:05 pm, and door prizes are at 8 pm. Watch for more information coming soon.

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There's Still Time to Find Your Pot of Gold!

There's Still Time to Find Your Pot of Gold!

You don't have to find the end of the rainbow to get the gold or platinum. Switch to UECU VISA® Platinum card and receive 6.99% APR* on Purchases and Balance Transfers until March 2014! Both purchases and balance transfers made before March 31st will stay at this reduced rate. With no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and ScoreCard Reward® points Third Party Website, you will feel like you found your own pot of gold!

Current Visa Cardholders, click here for your Balance Transfer Packet. Or, contact us for additional information today!

*APR means Annual Percentage Rate. Purchases and balance transfers made through March 31, 2013 will receive the promotional rate of 6.99% APR. The promotional rate is valid until March 31, 2014. After this day, any remaining balance will revert to the current variable APR. The balance transfer will show on your statement as a cash advance. Payments received will be applied first to fees, finance charge, promotional transferred balances and then any outstanding UECU credit card balance. Minimum amount of balance consolidation = $100. Please refer to the UECU VISA® Agreement & Truth in Lending disclosure for a complete description of how finance charges are calculated. This offer does not apply to balances owed or transferred from existing United Educators Credit Union debt(s). All loans are subject to credit approval.

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We Want Your Feedback!

Please watch for a short survey coming soon to your email. The survey will only take a few minutes and will ask you about your social media use. Thanks in advance for your input!

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