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Youth Account Article of the Month

A Fun-For-Free Box Activity

Did you know there are a lot of activities you can do at home that don't cost money and don't require special supplies? Just ask your parents for help with the following project.

Materials needed:

  • Plain paper or construction paper
  • Pencils, pens, crayons, or markers
  • A small empty box, such as a shoe box

Step 1: Make a list of fun activities

With a parent, make a list of fun activities that do not cost any money. Some examples of these are:

  • Playing on a swing
  • Coloring, painting
  • Singing
  • Dressing up
  • Reading a book
  • Walking the dog
  • Picking flowers
  • Playing a board game or card game
  • Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk
  • Making an "obstacle course" with pillows and soft furniture

Step 2: Make activity notes

Cut a large piece of paper into squares. On one side of one square, write the name of an activity from the list. On the other side of the square, ask your parents to help you draw the activity. The drawing and the word will remind you of each activity you came up with. Put each finished note in the box.

Step 3: Use the notes as reminders

Keep the activity notes in the box. Have your parents add a note with a picture whenever you learn a new way to have free fun. If you're ever feeling bored, take this box out for ideas of fun things to do. Close your eyes and pick a note from the box. Hand the note to your parent. You can either read it out loud together or act out the activity and guess which one it is.

Things to think about:

  • Many fun things do not cost money.
  • Activities can be fun to do alone or with friends.
  • Some things that seem to be free, such as food in the refrigerator, really cost money.
  • Love, hugs, and friendship are also free and feel good to give and receive.

Examples of fun things to do outside the home:

  • Borrow a book from the library
  • Visit a playground with a friend
  • Take a nature walk

Check your local newspaper or website for free events (free days at museums or Como Zoo for people in the Twin Cities area).

For more resources, see http://www.uecu.coop/savings/youth_accounts.asp.

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