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Tax Resources

UECU has assembled some valuable resources and information to help you with your tax preparation and filing this year.

Looking for Federal and/or State Tax Forms? Get them here!

Direct Deposit Your Return
When you direct deposit your tax return into your credit union Savings or Checking account, you'll receive your refund faster. You'll need the information below when filling out your tax forms.

Account number instructions
To deposit in Savings, fill in your member number only. To deposit in Checking, fill in the 12-digit number located in the middle portion of the number string at the bottom of your checks - beginning with 70949, and the next 7 digits.

UECU's Routing Number: 296076084

Tax Loans Available
If you need help paying your taxes, we can help. We have several loan options available to assist in covering expenses when that dreaded bill comes due.

For more information and to apply for a loan, please call or visit your credit union branch office, or click here to send us a message via our online contact form today!

1098 & 1099 Reminder
You will receive separate 1098 (Mortgage Interest Statement) Tax Form for each Mortgage Loan that has paid at least $600 in interest. Members who have received combined dividends of $10 or more on non-IRA Share and Investment Accounts will receive a 1099-INT (Interest Income Statement). If you wish to inquire about interest amounts below the limits aforementioned, please consult your UECU year-end statement.

Your UECU tax documents (1098 Mortgage Interest Statement and/or 1099-INT Interest Income Statement) are also now available in Solutions@HOME under the E-Statements menu.

Member Resources

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