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Fraud Alerts

(April 2012) Due to increases in online fraud, online purchases or payments made with your UECU Debit Card may be blocked if the company or payment center is located outside of Minnesota. Please contact the credit union if your card is declined. We recommend using your UECU Visa Credit Card verses your debit card for online payments.

The number of fraudulent emails, text messages and phone calls known as "Phishing" has increased recently. Many follow the same outline. They appear official but are general enough to include almost any user. The email, text or phone call will also imply that some type of urgent action is needed to protect your account. If you receive anything similar to this, please contact us immediately before taking any action that the contact may suggest. United Educators Credit Union will never ask you to send personal account information through email.

Fraudulent email cases:

For information on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, visit our Identity Theft Resource Center.

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