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Save. Share. Spend.

Teaching children how to allocate their money so they achieve their goals, share with others, and build their dreams.

In light of the current economy and staggering need for financial literacy among our youth, there is a simple concept gaining momentum in various education and parenting circles: Save Share Spend. The idea is every time you receive money - it's wise to do a little of each - you save some, you share some, you spend some. How you allocate the money is determined by age, your family values, etc., but it is a concept that a young child can understand; and is a helpful tool as kids grow older and their money habits become more complicated.

So we are taking this concept and using it as the theme for our youth program at the credit union.

Save - we'll continue to provide a youth savings account and youth CDs. The three different account types will be merged into one. We'll provide occasional incentives, but the focus will be on educating kids the importance of savings. The Grade Incentive Program will continue. Moonjar® Save Share Spend banks will be available for youth members upon request.

Share - aligned with the cooperative/credit union philosophies of people helping people and caring for community, we'll provide opportunities for sharing - like a donation jar for Children's Miracle Network, Holiday Mitten and Hat Drives, or Relay for Life support.

Spend - education resources will be available to help kids become smart consumers, and when age appropriate, can help teach kids how to responsibly use ATM cards, checking accounts, or a credit card. Both online content and print newsletters will continue.

Our new Youth Program will begin January 1, 2013. Check back for more information in the coming weeks.

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