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New Youth Account Program Announced

United Educators Credit Union is undergoing an exciting update to our Youth Account Programs! The Pee Wee, My Mula and Student programs were in need of a facelift - so we went back to the basics to design a youth program relevant for kids and a helpful teaching tool for parents. Save. Share. Spend. The idea is every time you receive money - it's wise to do a little of each - you save some, you share some, you spend some. How you allocate the money is determined by age, your family values, etc., but it is a concept that a young child can understand; and is a helpful tool as kids grow older and their money habits become more complicated. So we are taking this concept and using it as the theme for our youth program at the credit union.

Click here to read more information about Save. Share. Spend. and the new program coming this January.

See information below regarding the transition from the Pee Wee, My Mula, and Student brands to our new Save. Share. Spend. program.

How will this change affect my child's account?
The terms of your child's account will remain the same - minimum balance, dividend rates, tier structure, etc. However, the Pee Wee, My Mula and Student account brands will be going away at the end of this year. During first quarter of 2013, we will be merging all Pee Wee, My Mula and Student account types into one single account type called Youth Account. The S-type will be S12. Student accountholders who are age 18 and over will be converted to an S1 - regular share savings account. There is nothing you need to do - this change will occur on our end.

What about their Pee Wee Points and My Mula Stickers?
We understand that there are kids that have been saving up points and stickers for prizes. Youth members will have two choices about what they wish to do with their accumulated points and stickers.

Option 1 - Youth can redeem points and stickers for prizes. All current prize inventory will be available in the branches for "half price" through the end of the year while supplies last.

Option 2 - The Youth Account Change Drawing. Every youth account member will automatically receive 1 entry into the drawing; however, youth can exchange their points and stickers for additional chances! 10 Pee Wee points = 1 entry, or 5 My Mula stickers = 1 entry.

Grand prize: Overnight Stay and 4 passes to Water Park of America (value $350)
First prize: WolVol NetBook 7 inch Laptop
Second prize: Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Entries will be accepted in the branch offices or by mail until December 31, 2012. The drawing will be held the second week of January. Please see the official rules for additional details.

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