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Planning a Trip?

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are using your UECU card away from home

Before the Trip:

Do not use your debit card when reserving your hotel rooms and rental cars.

  • These companies put an authorization on your account for over the amount of your purchase for any incidentals.
  • The amount is held on your checking account, which makes the money unavailable. When you pay at the end, you are putting a second authorization through on your account. Now your checking account has 2 amounts on hold.
  • This authorization can take 3 or more days to be removed.
  • So, our recommendation is to put the initial reservation on a credit card (check out UECU's Visa Platinum card). You can make your final payment on your debit card if you choose, just do not reserve on your debit card. It may cause your card to be declined or unwanted privilege pay fees charged.

Call the credit union with your travel plans!

  • Because there are states and countries with high amounts of fraud, purchases made in these states and countries may appear like a fraudulent transaction, putting a block on your card.
  • To avoid this, give us a call and let us know where and you are going and the dates you will be there.
  • Also, let us know if your plane has a layover or if you will be making stops through several states if you are on a road trip.

During your Trip:

Be cautious of ATMs.

  • Occasionally ATMs have been tampered with and equipped with a "skimmer" which is used to read card information.
  • Before you swipe, just take a look at the ATM and check it for anything that looks unusual.
  • If you are concerned, don't use the machine or ask an attendant where the ATM is located, when the last time it was checked.

Carry more than one form of payment.

  • It's always good to carry a second or third card on you in case your main card happens to be stolen, or have fraudulent transactions while you're away. That way, you have a back up card to use.
  • If you don't have one already, look into our low-interest Visa Platinum card. Since credit cards aren't using your actual money from your checking account, they can be a much better option in case of theft or fraud. Therefore, it may not get declined abroad, out of state, or online.
  • Think about taking different forms of money as well. Cash, a reloadable debit card, credit cards, etc.

After your Trip:

  • Watch your account for any unusual transactions and make sure everything is going through correctly.
  • If you went abroad, be aware of Visa's international transaction fee Third Party Website.
  • Call us right away if you see anything unusual on your account.

Our staff is here to help you when you travel! We are available for phone calls from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If we are closed and you need to report a lost or stolen card, click here for the numbers you will need.

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