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Grant Winners

2013/2014 Financial Literacy Grant Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners! Each school receives a grant of up to $500 from the United Educators Foundation for the following projects:

Stephen-Argyle (Stephen): Stephen-Argyle's business teacher Janelle Swanson is going to create a comfortable and inviting financial literacy library for her students. The library will be filled with magazines such as Consumer Reports and the Economist and will feature books about financial literacy for teens. The students will be required to use the library in order to write blogs in order to not only teach others about what they have learned but to get them on a path of being financial literate when they are on their own.

Stephen-Argyle (Stephen)

Jordan Elementary School (Jordan): Teacher Sarah Fritzke in the Math: Response to Intervention Department will be using the grant to purchase materials that will enhance the student's understanding of money and develop responsible spending habits. As a math intervention teacher, Sarah works with students in the 1st through 15th percentile nationally and is helping them develop money sense and financial literacy so that they can become responsible adult citizens in the future. The grant money will be able to purchase the hands-on materials for students in the entire school, such as financial literacy games, tools, and learning centers that the students do not currently have.

Jordan Elementary School (Jordan)

Indus School (Birchdale): Indus School's grant was awarded to Lois J. Lewis, the Family & Consumer Science teacher who will use the money to purchase a computer-based simulation to enhance and reinforce life skills related to earning, saving, and spending money. Specifically, students will learn how to read a pay stub and payroll taxes, how to open up savings and checking accounts, identity theft and more. The money will also be used for guest speakers, iPad apps, and field trips.

Indus School (Birchdale)

New City Charter School, (Minneapolis): New City Charter School's grant was awarded to Mathematics and Social Studies teachers Ven Anderson and Blake Regnier who will use the money to have speakers come from Junior Achievement to give lessons on Economics for Success. Students will also be going on a field trip to Finance Park where they will be educated in topics such as spending money, credit, insurance and budgets. They will get a chance to do a simulation of what their financial lives as adults will be like - including the responsibilities of managing their income and expenses, paying insurance and taxes, and saving and investing.

New City Charter School, (Minneapolis)

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