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How long does it take to process my transfers?

Sending funds to another Financial Institution

  • The withdrawal from your UECU checking account will occur the next business day (if transfer is set up before 10:00 AM Central Time.)
  • Our commitment is to send the transfer to your other financial the same day you see the withdrawal taken from your UECU checking account.
  • For most financial institutions, this means that you should see your deposit appear 1 day after you see the withdrawal from your UECU checking account.

Bring funds into UECU

  • The withdrawal from your External Account will occur the next business day (if transfer is setup before 10:00 am central time.)
  • All incoming funds are subject to a 5 business day hold before they can be withdrawn. During this time you may see a difference between your "Balance" and your "Available Balance".

Other Notes

  • While UECU will not charge you any fees for using he FI-to-FI service, we cannot be responsible for any fees charged by your other financial (such as, but not limited to fees incurred as a result of insufficient funds).
  • If you have insufficient funds in your UECU Checking account when trying to send money out, an NSF fee as listed on the UECU Fee Schedule will be charged to your account and the credit to your external account will not be sent.


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