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How do I use the Balance Sheet or Personal Finance Manager?

The Balance Sheet can be customized to accommodate almost any budget. The main Balance Sheet is located under Accounts > Balance Sheet.

The Balance Sheet can be broken up into three parts. The first section is your Assets & Liabilities. Next to this is a Calendar view. Along the bottom are your Transactions by Category. The balance sheet gives you a two month snapshot of your transactions.

To customize your categories and make the Balance Sheet useful for your particular budget, navigate to Options > Balance Sheet Setup. Within this page, you can add or alter your categories as well as the text that is searched within your transaction history. You can also assign a Budget Amount to each Category. The Budget Amount should be adjusted to two months. The Balance Sheet will search two months of your transaction history to match against your History Text.

Category Title will be used to group each transactions within your Balance Sheet. History Text are terms that will be matched against your transaction history. History Text is not case sensitive. Each History Text can also be assigned as a Withdrawal or Deposit. The final column is used for Budget Amount. Enter the amount, over a two month span, that you plan on budgeting for each Category Title.

Category Titles can be moved up and down by using the arrow buttons. This will set preference of which category you want to show up first on your Balance Sheet. You can add several lines of History Text to any particular Category Title. Simply use the green "+" symbol and add an extra line of History Text to search within your transaction history. Each line item within the History Text, can be marked as either Withdrawal or Deposit. Make sure to submit and save your changes before going back to view your Balance Sheet.

Now that you are back on the Balance Sheet, you can view the history for each of your categories. Simply click one category at a time and your history will show directly beneath the category. The image below shows the category "CreditCardPayment" along with the matching history. If you click the Category Title again, it will close the history and you can select a different category.

If your Balance Sheet is not grouping or displaying as you hoped, head back over to the Balance Sheet Setup page and make some changes. It may also be helpful to check your transaction history and verify the transaction text that is displaying within your checking account.


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