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What does "REMEMBER ME" and "DO NOT REMEMBER ME" mean?

During the sign on process, you will be required to answer one of your security questions. On future logins, you can skip this step by selecting the "Remember Me" radio button.

What does this do? By selecting the "Remember Me" option, you are storing a browser cookie on your PC. The cookie does not store your password, it does store information about your hardware and software to recognize a remembered computer. This cookie will last for up to 60 days and will allow you to skip the security question step during sign on. After 60 days, you will again be required to answer one of your security questions.

What does "Do not Remember Me" do? By selecting the "Do not Remember Me" option, you will delete any secure cookies that may be on your PC. If you are using a computer that is accessed by numerous users (ex. library or at airport kiosks) we recommend that you DO NOT remember your account on a shared PC. We only recommend you remember your personal computer at home or at work.

I have selected the "Remember Me" option but I still have to answer a security question each time I log in. Why does this happened? Some browsers or security software delete your cookies when you close the application. If you have this feature enabled, your cookie for United Educators CU will be deleted each time. If you are allowed to enter cookie exceptions, make sure access.uecu.coop is marked as a safe cookie and this should resolve your issue.


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