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How do I setup my Account Alerts?

Account Alerts or eAlerts can be accessed under the "Accounts" menu. Account Alerts can be used for a variety of items within online banking.

When adding a new Account Alert, you first select an "Account Alert Type". The main types that will be used are "Savings / Checking Account Alert", "Transactional Alerts", "Event Alerts" and "Reminders". There are also alert types for loans, certificates, cleared checks and more.

Here are the steps to setup a "Savings / Checking Account Alert".

  1. Select the account you want to trigger the alert (such as your checking account).
  2. Select what you want to be alerted about (such as when the balance is above/below/equal to a specified value). This alert is useful if you would like a daily text/email sent with your current balance.
  3. Supply the amount as required.
  4. Select the notification frequency.
  5. Select how you want to be notified (any or all of the following options: secure message, email or text message).
  6. Submit your changes and you are done!

Some alerts have varying frequencies on when they are sent. "Event Alerts" typically happen within an hour of happening. "Transaction" and "Reminder" Alerts are only triggered once every 24 hours.

What do the Account Alerts look like?

If you have an Account Alert sent to your cell phone or inbox, it will look similar to the images below. Please keep in mind that each alert uses different text and values so your account alert may not match exactly. Member numbers or other secure information will not be sent in emails or text messages.

What time are the alerts sent - can I set a black out period?

You can set a black out period for your alerts. When you set up a new alert, simply specify the black out period when you do not want to receive alerts. If you have exiting alerts setup, simply click the pencil icon to edit the alert and specify when you don't want to receive any alert. If an alert is triggered during your black out period, it will skip and try again during the next interval.

Why do I get an email reading "Alert Closed Administratively"?

This usually happens when an alert expires based on the time duration you set or if the account is closed. If you have an alert set up on your USED VEHICLE LOAN, such as to email you 1 day before the loan is due, and you pay off the loan you will get an email with a similar subject line. You can verify which alert was closed on the "Alert History" page. Navigate to "Accounts" then "Account Alerts" and then click the "Alert History" button. Enter a short date range and towards the end of the page should be information on the alert that was closed (see image below). Click the magnify glass if you need more information on any alert on the history page.

Since there are many variables that may affect the reliability of alerts, Account Alerts should not be relied upon solely for account information. For further information regarding this, please see our Internet banking disclosure.


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