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How do I download my financial information from Solutions@HOME?

Go to Accounts > Download. You may then download a file in Microsoft Excel or CSV format.

Solutions@HOME does allow for categorization of your UECU transactions. The Balance Sheet (listed under the Accounts menu) can be used as your PFM or personal finance manager. In order for your Balance Sheet to populate with useful information you will have to first setup your transaction categories. Transaction categories can be setup by clicking on Balance Sheet Setup under the Options menu. Once your transaction categories are setup, the Balance Sheet will automatically group, calculate, and budget the transactions that fall into the categories you've setup.

At this time, UECU does not support automatic downloads. We are committed to continued enhancement of our built-in PFM and we are also currently working on compatibility with external PFM services (such as Mint, Quicken, Buxfer and Pageonce). If you currently use Mint, please make sure to send them a request to add United Educators Credit Union as a supported institution and feel free to let us know how useful Mint.com would be to managing your finances. The more demand they receive, the quicker we can get added to their supported intuition list. Sites such as Buxfer allow you to import CSV files. You can download CSV files from Solutions@HOME and then import your transactions into the site. Our online banking system also allows file downloads in QIF, Microsoft Money, Quicken, Excel Spreadsheet, and Comma Separated Values. You can use these downloads however they are useful.

What is your "Financial Organizational Number"?

Mint.com may show a result for "United Educators CU - Investments". This is an invalid result. Currently United Educators Credit Union doesn't interface with sites such as Mint. We are working on other options and to allow our members greater flexibility in managing their finances. If you would like to let us know how useful Mint or another online service is, please send us your feedback.


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