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Why is my 'Balance' different than the 'Available'?

In using Solutions@HOME, you may notice your "Balance" amount is different than the "Available" amount. This is a result of one of the following things:

  1. Solutions@HOME and CATHY are all live balances. If you make a transaction during the business day, it will show up the next time you log on to Solutions@HOME. All of your share balances are live.
  2. Your purchases made with your debit card have not yet posted to your account. United Educators Credit Union has an online card system that allows our members to view and access their funds in real time. If a recent purchase has not yet posted to your account your available balance will reflect that purchase. Using the image above, there is a $300 purchase that has not posted to your account, but your available balance reflects this purchase so that your account will not be overdrawn if you were to make other purchases. Once the merchant posts your purchase, your balance will be the same as available.
  3. You have made a transaction during non-business hours. If this is the case your information will be updated on the next business day. If you paid part or all of your LOC loan, it will be credited the next business day. Your "Balance" should reflect your transfer. Once a transfer is made during non-business hours, your "Available Balance" will reflect the change. However your "Balance" will remain static until the next business day. If you perform the transfer once, you do not need to repeat it as long as your "Available Balance" reflects the change.
  4. There is a check hold on your account. If this is the case the balance "Available Balance" and your true "Balance" will be equal once the hold is relinquished.


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