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How can I change my Account Name or can I rename my accounts?

Don't like the account names "SHARE SAVINGS" or "CHECKING ACCOUNT"? You can rename your accounts so they have more meaning. Go to Options > Account Nickname to change the name of your accounts. Please note, Account Nicknames are for Solutions@HOME only and will not appear on your credit union periodic statements nor will credit union staff members have access to your Account Nicknames.

You also have the option to have your sub-accounts renamed on the credit union system which would appear on your statements. You would need to contact a credit union MSR to make this change. One example would be an S3.1 account. This account could be renamed to your preference. However, a S3 can not have a customized name. In addition, we also do offer a "You Name It" Savings Account, identified as S7. This account can be renamed at any time. You don't need to have a sub-account to take advantage of the personal name!


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