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How will I know if I will be charged a fee for certain transactions using Solutions@HOME?

Anytime you perform a transaction which involves a fee, a confirmation screen will come up and you will be informed of the fee and given a choice to cancel the transaction or proceed by clicking "confirm".

Within Solutions@HOME, there are very few requests that require a fee. The fee amount will be listed before you complete your request/transaction. The following item(s) require a fee.

  • Stop Payment on Checks

The following requests are FREE while using Solutions@HOME!

  • Viewing electronic copies of cleared checks and printing them from your own pc
  • Bill Pay
  • Transfers
  • Viewing Statements
  • Change your Password
  • Enrolling for Solutions@HOME
  • Tax Information on your Accounts
  • Account Alerts
  • Accessing your VISA History
  • And many more...


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